FAQ Questions

Frequently Questions

How can I make payment to invest on investurns.com?

We have many ways to invest on investurns.com, Like Bitcoin, International Bank transfer, Western Union or MoneyGram and Credit/Debit card.

How can I withdraw the profits from the account?

We have Bitcoin, USDT and PayPal Payout system.

How can trust investurns.com?

Please find a good reason before investing on investurns.com. We have good experience in money farm and any one can talk to any users. Discuss with our earlier users on public chat room and please check our users experience on trustpilot.com

What’s the contract period for the investment?

Contract period is three years for all investment accept the Bronze package.

What’s the minimum investment amount?

Our minimum investment amount is 30USD.

Whats the Profits and investment re-Payment cycle?

We are paying the profits and Investment Re-Payment on weekly. Those will be updated on the account balance on end of the week.

Can we increase the contract period?

Our maximum contract period is three years. If anyone needs longtime contract, than they can re-invest again.


Right people, Right tools

We accept that monetary arranging is a continuous interaction. The financial arrangement that we give is a living report that should be refreshed over the long haul and a customer's circumstance changes.

A strong, composed monetary account goes about as a guide and helps plan for retirement, significant buys, schooling, and even getting ready and secure against unexpected occasions!

Our Features

Find a good reason to invest here

We have many reasons why you need to invest on investurns.com

Profit with investment repay

We will add monthly profit with investment repayment in your account balance.

24/7 Support services

Now anyone can talk to our staffs at any time through live chat or email

Take research about us. 

We recommend to our users to create their experience in any review platform. Find a good reason to invest here.